Welcome to reviewdbooks.com! My name is Ryan, and I am passionate about the process of self-improvement. My blog focuses on concepts from philosophy, psychology and other intellectual resources that provide insight into living a better, more fulfilling life. My journey with the self-betterment process started about a year ago. I was sitting around, wondering if there was anything more to life than slanted Facebook posts, or the black-hole that is meaningless YouTube videos that have the capacity to steal your time. I thought long and hard about the question of regret. I made up my mind and decided: I refuse to let the specters of regret encircle my deathbed, tainting the last minutes of life I have left. From that moment on I have read all sorts of self-help books, diving head-on into the world of high-achievement and performance.

Reviewdbooks.com focuses on books as a vehicle for personal change. My posts will address topics that arise from reading different books in this genre, serving as a guide for a conversation about the process of self-improvement. My articles will be guided by topics addressed in the books: however, they will not be reviews of the books themselves. It is my goal to spark conversations, and share ideas with each other about methods and thoughts that have helped you in your own endeavor. This is not just a chronicle of my own ideas but, more a forum to address and discuss the process of self-help.

Self-improvement is a process. There is no one book you can read, or class you can take that will instantly elevate the circumstances in your life. Both books and improvement seminars are great for giving you methods and tools to better yourself, but they are not the only necessary steps in your journey. It requires a supportive community: like-minded people who will aid you in your aspirations and guide you along the way. And then, there is the actual work itself. Motivation itself is an evolving process. I believe there is a misconception about motivation: that motivation is something you catch, like a helpful virus that infects you with passion, planting seeds of positivity while it works its way into your heart. If only it were that simple. Motivation is an ongoing choice to take action in your life, to wake up every day and be ready to claw, kick, and scream your way into a better tomorrow. Motivation is ripping off the sheets at 4am to work on your own projects or business before your day job. It’s never giving up when quitting seems to be the only reasonable action. It’s the semi-obsessive compulsion to make better choices where you once would have made a harmful one, choosing step by painstaking step to do what will help you, rather than capitulating to instant gratification that would feel good regardless of the long-term consequences. Motivation can be learned. Little by little you can teach yourself to become more productive, more attractive, and yes, more successful!

I have come to realize that the idea of self-help, or improvement, takes one small step or, one small decision at a time. These actions compound, weaving themselves into the fabric of our lives, creating a tapestry of their consequences. There is no one decision that changes destiny, rather tons of small, mundane choices, that at the time may not seem too meaningful but add up to the larger image we call our lives. One side of the equation, the retrospection that we all engage in from time to time, can lend itself to a disheartening view of who you are. How could I have made so many poor decisions? However, the other side of the coin is an optimistic side indeed. The bad choices you made yesterday can be changed to good ones today, and better ones tomorrow, snowballing into a masterpiece of a life well-lived. Focus on the small choices, right now, while keeping your overall vision in your mind’s eye, and choose your next move in accordance with that grand vision of your better tomorrow. This blog is the snowball getting started, helping you build momentum so that you can find your personal variety of fulfillment.

Welcome to reviewdbooks.com. Stay tuned for interesting articles and thoughts about the process of self-improvement. It is my hope that you find ideas worth acting upon in the pages and entries that follow.

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